Being a Trainer in 2020

It was roughly March 2020 that the landscape of my day to day work changed entirely. 

I know I’m not alone in this, so many people were faced with hurdles and pivots, but as I reflect on it, it still blows my mind! 2019 was a very challenging year for me *maybe I’ll write a blog on that next time*, 2019 Jana had NO IDEA how much 2020 Jana would be rocked! 

The personal training, group training and well, the fitness biz in general is largely built on relationships. Being ‘in-person’ is where a lot of that is forged. I wonder if online trainers said to themselves “No biggie! Step aside nerd, and watch me screen share on Zoom!” 

Luckily, with most strong relationships comes loyalty and truthfully, I couldn’t have made it through that time without everyone who stuck with me as I coached them through a tiny digital square with a more (or less) un-stable internet connection lol. 

When we initially got the ‘Stay at Home’ order, I immediately launched into hours of filming and editing for a YouTube channel. I remember committing to that fully (at the time)…”You can’t do something like this unless you’re ready for the grind!”. Fast forward a month maybe and I was over it! LOL If you currently have a YouTube channel *clapping* bravo! The amount of work that it took to sustain content was unreal considering we still had, among the 4 of us at Studeo, about 30 hours each or more.

Some people tie-dyed shirts, read self-help books and baked banana bread while we sat at the computer for 6-8 hours earnestly coaching, doing Instagram live workouts, learned the ins and outs of zoom and reminisced about handing a kettle bell to someone. Something so simple, I longed for. 

Basically it boils down to connection. The connection you have with someone that forces you to lean into challenges. The inspiration that comes from someone being vulnerable enough to suffer in front of you. All of that was built on the sweat and blisters of a fitness landscape I no longer was in. Would it ever come back?! Even with all the support I/we had, I definitely worried! How much longer would our clients be able to support us?  How much longer would my hip hurt from sitting on a 24″ box calling out burpee reps into a computer?! 

As always, you make it through don’t you? You change, adapt, swallow your fear, push down your doubt and plug forward. Now we’re faced with distance, no touching…the high five forever lost! (still shed a tear about that one). Masks, gloves (wait no gloves?!), rooms filled with the stank of Fabuloso and bleach, while remaining half full for the near future. 

Back in 2018 I used to cram 70 PEOPLE!! 70!! into my Condition X classes back in Vancouver (it was a very large space mind you). I relished in it! I would wait to see how big my waitlist was, and what I could do to get more humans in a room sweating together, bonding, lifting each other up through their hard work and savagery. 

2020 is a whole new world. I’m hopeful I can make my mark in it. 

This post Is dedicated to everyone that did a Zoom workout with me in 2020…you’re the real MVP.

Coach J

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