Food Quantity and Composition

It’s really no secret…if you want to manipulate your body’s composition (lingo for “how you look physically”), you need to manipulate how much you eat. 

I’ll take that a step further and say, not only how much you eat, but what your total calorie intake is comprised of. You’re either eating 1800 calories per day of pizza and beer (insert your own mental image of what that outcome is lol) OR, 1800 calories per day of Veggies, protein, fruit, nuts, seeds and grains etc. 

Which sounds better? And don’t say pizza and beer on behalf of your inner rebel think about the quality impact that has on your health. If you don’t see the impact of your choices immediately, it’s either because you’re 21 and you’re physically invincible, or you’re a genetic outlier and trust me everything we do catches up with us one way or another. 

Take a moment to really think…how much do I eat? Is it the same more or less day to day? Do I eat like I’m wandering in the desert and then finally stumble upon a Red Lobster 4/7 days a week?

If your answer is “yep, I’m eating a shrimp cocktail after 30 days wander the desert” then you’re breaking 2 of the golden rules – Quantity and Consistency (more on that later). Quantity needs to be in check, we never want to eat too little and we certainly don’t want to make a habit out of overeating. It’s a careful balance between just the slightest caloric deficit, so your body is happy and metabolically strong, and not packing on the pounds from excess energy coming in that’s not being expended. 

If you’re wondering, can I just train harder than I eat poorly, here’s my answer…

If you are a total savage and train 6/week HARD. That’s 6 hours of workout time + some after-burn affect + your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) = let’s chalk that up to 14 hours of ‘burn’. How many OTHER hours in a week are you fighting against your choices?! It doesn’t balance out. It never can for most of us! 

My challenge for you is track your food! I know it sounds dull but download an app, add in everything you eat on the regular for about a week. If you’re currently in a position where you’re not crazy about your physical appearance (and being realistic about it) then when you’re tracking you may want to tighten up and measure your progress after 3-4 weeks! There’s really no point in tracking something you couldn’t shift to permanently just as much as tracking Ben and Jerry’s, subway sandwiches and m&m’s on the daily. If you don’t have an intention to change that…get off this blog lol I’m not for you! 

Lastly, don’t do it for 1-2 weeks, especially my ladies out there…unfortunately we need a little more time to truly see compositional shifts. Give yourself AT LEAST 3-4 weeks before you make an assessment of change. If you look in the mirror and say “DAMN!” and immediately follow that with a selfie, then you were probably eating too much before! Then your next question is…how do I feel? Your energy should be good, able to workout, sleep well, normal bowel movements, regular hormones, hunger should have been minimal but by that point wained and you shouldn’t be thinking about food 24/7. 

So now we understand the quality and quantity impact of food on our health and physical appearance! Next we talk consistency…now go track!  


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