Nutrition boiled down to 4 important principles

Today we talk Food Quality

No matter what Nutritional paradigm you subscribe to (vegan, keto, plant-based yada yada), our health is directly correlated to our food choices. Our health is also a measure of our food quantity, but more on that later! 

Yes, you can be plant-based and eat hormone pumped, genetically modified, pesticide drowned vegetables. And yes, you meat eaters can make choices that are truly no better. The moral of the story is not what food-losophy you choose, it’s about choosing the best food you can no matter what. Why does this matter? Well, let’s take a look at Baby Boomers. In the 1950s there was a massive shift to convenience based foods, fast food and frozen food. It was truly “all the rage”. And now, we see Baby Boomers now having the highest chronic disease rates compared to previous generations. You’ll also note, they are living longer compared to previous generations as well, which of course is a high-five to modern medicine but a long life full of medical treatments, pharmaceuticals and hospital visits doesn’t sound ideal to me. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT here to stand on my nutrition pedestal and shame you for eating the occasional Big Mac, I aim to arm you with an understanding of factors that will NEVER guide you astray when it comes to making changes to your physical body. In fact, I absolutely DISCOURAGE the nutritional over-achiever out there from going so hard down the food quality rabbit hole that your life becomes limited by it. Knowledge is power but balance rules. 

If you’re looking to make changes to your body composition start here. Look at how much processed food you eat…vs whole food. Take stock of what that ratio truly ends up being – 70/30 or 30/70?? Cleaning up the source of your food will not only change you bio-chemically, but will free you of your vices. If you eat processed food often…you will eat processed food often. They literally design it that way! It’s delicious and presses all the good buttons inside us making us think about it, drool over commercials and make a conflicted trip down the chip isle at Trader Joe’s. 

I wish I had some trick or secret for you to make it easy to say no but I don’t. Just like most things in life we choose to excel at, it starts with commitment and focus. The only tip I can provide is this…don’t aim for 100%. You’ll never reach it and you will constantly be disappointed in yourself, making success very challenging. Instead, aim for 80/20 (slides in her first nutrition cliche!) Commit to truly limiting convenience based, clearly unhealthy foods that you have in your home to 10% of your diet…hold up don’t panic…keep reading! Then eating out and alcohol make up the other 10%. Now, take advantage of your 80% and aim for a ton of fresh and whole foods with carefully curated processed foods that help support your goals. Some of my favorites are Joseph’s Baker lavash bread, Phat Fudge, Hanks Protein Peanut Butter, Celsius, Barebells, ChocZero. All these brands you can buy online! 

Next week I’ll talk quantity! So get started! 

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