Who I am

Originally from Vancouver Canada, Jana has lived the last 2 years in Los Angeles. She has industry experience 10 years deep and a charisma that will have you smiling (and sweating) non stop! 

I believe in the
science behind
strength training

Jana is a functional strength & conditioning coach, USA Boxing Coach certified, Boxing fitness trainer with personal fight experience and training athletes. 

She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in Canada. Jana has trained many other fitness coaches, athletes, fighters & celebrities.

She is currently accepting clients!

I believe it's more than a workout

She is a hobby DJ and curates her own mixes for her classes & DJs the occasional wedding or party!

Check our her SoundCloud (DJJana) for great workout mixes!

When she’s not training she spends her time in the sun, eating yummy plant based meals, the occasional pizza & Negroni and is almost always wearing black.

Campaigns & media

Boxraw Women/Boxraw 

Title Boxing 

Superare Fight Shop NYC/LAX

Amateur Boxing Athlete 4-1

Eastside Boxing Club

Trinity Boxing Club LA

Impact Magazine 2017 Training Issue 

Populist 2017 & 2018 Best Personal Trainer in Vancouver

It's no pain no gain
but worth it
“Jana is the true embodiment of no pain no gain. And she’s caused me lots of pain but way more gains. She’s top shelf and my body loves her even when my brain doesn’t."

Joseph Stanton
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Jana will get you where
you want to be
“Jana is the type of trainer you dread in the best way. Because when you train with her, her focus is completely on you. There’s no room for slack. Only results. If you want to make a change in the way you look and feel, Jana is the one to get you there.”

Taylor John Smith, Actor
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She is formidable yet patient
"Jana is a consummate trainer, instructor and an overall incredible fitness guide. Her knowledge of how the body works and nutrition is an absolute asset to her being so effective. She is formidable, always being a stand for how to increase your fitness abilities in ways that enhance your body. Jana customizes what works best for you taking into account past injuries and body trauma. She is patient, flexible and generous in how she speaks with you, encourages you and ensures that you are on the path to success. I’m grateful to have her as my guide and to push me to perform beyond what I believe I’m capable of.”

Esther Weinberg
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I know I'm more than a client
"My relationship with Jana was only supposed to be a 4 month commitment and it has turned into a 2+ years ongoing relationship. Jana took on the task of training me for my first bikini competition. She taught me so much about food, nutrition, and counting macros. She curated a workout schedule/plan that worked with my busy life that kept me dialled in and never bored. One thing I really appreciated was if she ever didn’t have an answer to a question I had (this was her first time doing this too) she would do the research and it never took long for her to have an answer. She is the type of trainer that goes above and beyond what you expect to get when you sign up with her. Because of Jana I have a body I am proud of, more knowledge about health and nutrition than I did before, strength, and a great friend!"

Amanda Herdman
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She will support you but push you
"Jana can be described very simply…she is the person you love and the trainer you hate (sometimes)! She will always support you and push you into areas of strength you didn’t know existed within you. She is encouraging and has a very unique way of motivating others that I have never seen in any other trainer and always allows your wins to be yours and not hers!"

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I can't get enough
"Jana is the absolute best! Not only does she always come up with creative workouts that keep me on my toes, but she is consistent, kind and inspiring. As a bonus, her music selection is amazing!"

Tiffany Graddick
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Jana is a one of a kind individual
"She who not only brings my peak performance, but whose character and attitude inspires me to be a better person. She is incredibly uplifting, and makes waking up first thing to work out easier by her sheer energy. Her positivity is contagious, and makes a task like going to the gym; exciting, fun, and engaging."

Scott Berger
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My fitness has reached
a new level
"Training with Jana has taken my appreciation for fitness to an entirely new level, and I’ve achieved things in my fitness journey that I had originally thought unattainable. One of my biggest and most appreciative takeaways from my experience with Jana so far is that the human body is capable of much more than you could imagine, and it takes a special coach to help you come to that realization and smash through that glass ceiling you’ve created for yourself."

Andy Horwitz (Executive Vice President/Producer, Atlas Entertainment)
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Jana delivers a truly exceptional experience
"Jana is without a doubt the most powerful and incredible personal trainer anyone could ask for. I felt like she pushed my body in a way that felt encouraging and safe, while ensuring she held the utmost respect for my personal fitness goals. Jana will craft a workout that not only helps you reach your potential, but surpass it. I am extremely grateful for every opportunity I had to train with her, and would highly recommend her to absolutely anyone and everyone as their trainer!"

Daniela Dib
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My fitness game changed working with Jana.
"I have been an athlete my entire life, but for a long stretch of my adult life I just “worked out.” Although I was consistent, my results were always lackluster because there was little structure to my training. I’d make my rounds to various classes around town, go on ad hoc runs here and there, and was not only bored but also definitely at a plateau. My fitness game is CHANGED working with Jana. I’m not just working out, I am training. I look and feel better than I have in years, and the most exciting thing for me is that I am consistently breaking barriers in my athletic ability that I didn’t know I had in me. In addition to the results, I just truly love working out with Jana. She would do anything for her people and it is so apparent that she truly cares about everyone she trains. She holds herself to the highest standards of excellence. I trust her to the end of the earth and can’t recommend her highly enough!"

Hayley Maxwell
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Training with Jana is
my favourite part of the day
"As Jana’s student and friend, she has made me a stronger person in and out of the gym. She consistently shows up with love and good energy. She’s intense, hard working, fun and inspiring. Training with her is one of my favorite things to do. I always leave my time with Jana feeling loved, inspired and like a true badass. Everything Jana does is with intention. She is authentic, mindful and an overall great human being. I feel so lucky to have her in my life. She continues to amaze me with her ability to create community and make everyone feel like an important member of the team.
Jana is THE BEST.”

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I can't recommend
I've been training with Jana for about a year now both in group and private settings and can say she's inspirational, motivating and extremely knowledgeable in the health and fitness. Jana consistently motivates me to push through mental barriers so that I can grow and all the while keeps my safety at the forefront so that I can stay healthy and continue training. I couldn't recommend Jana enough for anyone looking for a health and fitness coach.

John Sahakian
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