Why use a coach?

Having a coach means having someone in your corner through your challenges and holding you accountable to your goals.

What is a coach?

As someone who has played a number of sports from the age of 8 years old until the present day, a coach has always been a mentor both physically and mentally.

Throughout my fitness industry experience, a common concern I’ve heard is ” I go to these classes and get no form correction” or ” I had a coach but all they did was spend time on their phone, I never felt like they were really watching me.” Oftentimes I’ll get a new client who has had a trainer in the past and can hardly complete a push-up properly.

Classes can be a ton of fun and a great workout, but are often not the platform for high level coaching. There is too much happening for the coach, too many people combined with a ticking clock. However, good coaches will try to leave you with solid form cues. A one on one experience will expedite your learning of movement and of your body’s specific pre-hab or re-hab needs.

Reasons to
hire a coach


Coaches are your motivators, goal keepers, and accountability holders


As a coach I work to push you physically while supporting you emotionally. You can’t have one without the other


With a coach, you get a partner on your journey. We’re in this together


Success for a coach is the progress of those around us. We are invested in your future

Am I the right coach for you?

I believe in the science behind strength training and conditioning, hitting all energy systems and helping people get truly fit. Fitness is a measure of your ability functionally ‘TO DO’. 

Can you pick up something in your real life, safely and move it efficiently? Can you go on a hike? Can you enjoy a few miles run? Can you use your core properly enough to maintain your posture and move objects or your own bodyweight? 

“Looking fit” is a combination of your genetics, how you train and your nutrition. I’ve met plenty of Ferrari bodies with lawnmower engines as well as lawnmower bodies with Ferrari engines! Let’s have both?! I take form very seriously, but also take fun seriously too! We will work hard, train smart, recover well and get results. I encourage all of my clients to eat in a manner that benefits their training and recovery vs hindering it. The diet will either show all of our hard work or will hide it and that’s a fact.

Start your journey

Reach out and let’s talk about your fitness goals