Motivation is
created by motion.
First you have to move


Jana Finkbiner

With experience 10 years deep, I’m a dedicated functional strength & conditioning coach.

Fitness Mentor

We are strong today, but not as strong as we will be tomorrow.

push beyond
your limits

in a safe environment


Classes can be a ton of fun, but a personalized setting ensures your safety while reaching your maximum potential


You set the pace. There’s no fear of falling behind or fading into the crowd. I work based off of your needs


Set, beat, and reset your goals. Working one on one allows for purposeful workouts that benefit your body and mind


is a trainer
right for you?

Having a trainer holds you accountable. This special relationship allows you to keep a sustained focus on your fitness. All too often I hear “I go to these classes and get no form correction” or “I had a coach but all they did was spend time on their phone, I never felt like they were really watching me.” Getting a trainer puts you one step closer to reaching new heights. 


it's more than
a workout,
it's an experience

The goal isn’t to come for you 60 minutes and check-out after. Time both inside and outside the gym contributes to your results. Working together isn’t about minutes in the gym but building a holistic approach to fitness that allows you to go further. I encourage all of my clients to eat in a manner that benefits their training and recovery vs hindering it. The diet will either show all of our hard work or will hide it and that’s a fact.


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let's get it

Taking the first step is the hardest part. Let’s do it together and get you to your goals faster.